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Buckingham County
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Buckingham Commuter Route

Fare: $3.50 each way.

There are three routes from Buckingham to Charlottesville. They run on the following schedule:

Monday - Sunday Monday - Friday Monday - Friday  
5:25 AM 5:50 AM  

Duck's Corner Store

5:45 AM 6:00 AM 7:00 AM

Food Lion, Dillwyn

6:00 AM 6:15 AM 7:15 AM

Midway Market

6:10 MA 6:20 AM 7:20 AM

Re-Store 'N Station

6:20 AM 6:35 AM 7:30 AM

Scottsville Farmers' Market Pavillion

-------- 7:00 AM By request


6:45 AM 7:15 AM 8:15 AM

Arrives in Charlottesville

Charlottesville area stops include 5th St. & 64, and UVA (near Newcomb Hall and Scott's Stadium and the Hospital).    

Return trips begin at 3:45 PM , 4:30 PM, and 5:10 PM.

Current riders can email reservation requests and changes to: trips@ridejaunt.org

All routes require EXACT change

Please call JAUNT for the most current pickup and drop-off times.

Ask about the Guaranteed Ride Home for Buckingham residents who use JAUNT or car/van pool. To register or for more information please go to www.rideshareinfo.org.

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